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Amanda Cahill


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Amanda is the Director and Founder of the Centre for Social Change. She founded the Centre because she is inspired by the many people around the world who are already making the world a better place to live and wants to support those doing good to do even better.

Amanda has spent nearly two decades working on community development projects in countries as diverse as Brazil, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Timor-Leste and Indigenous Australia. Her work has touched on a range of areas including community enterprise development, health promotion, climate change adaptation, appropriate technology and women’s empowerment. Her PhD in Human Geography examined the political implications of a strengths-based approach to local economic development in the Philippines.

Amanda is passionate about engaging people around issues that are important to them and is particularly interested in working with environmental groups looking for new ways to engage communities and with people wanting to explore alternative approaches to local economic development both within Australia and Internationally.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Anthropology (University of Queensland), a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education (University of Queensland), and a PhD in Human Geography from the Australian National University.


Carly Stephan

Program Manager

Carly_LowRes_09_1As the Centre for Social Change’s Program Manager, Carly helps achieve the Centre’s goals by designing and managing projects, education initiatives and events across a range of themes including, community development, women’s empowerment, financial inclusion, local economic development, and environmental sustainability.

Carly is an experienced international development practitioner, researcher and writer. For just under a decade, she has managed international development projects in a range of fields, including: sustainable livelihoods, gender and governance, women’s empowerment, climate change adaptation and community development. She is passionate about working with people, and seeing them  come in to alignment with their inner power.

Carly has worked in the Pacific region extensively, as well as in South East Asia and Eastern Africa.

Carly speaks Bahasa Indonesia at an intermediate level and holds a double degree in Political Science and International Business (University of Queensland); a first class Honours degree in International Relations (University of Queensland) and a Masters of Development Studies (University of Sydney).


Kirstan Flannery

Co-Founder & Centre Godmother

Kirstan FlanneryKirstan Flannery, affectionately called the Godmother, ensures the mission, values and principles of the Centre for Social Change remain true to its vision. As a co-founder of the Centre and pioneer of a philanthropic foundation, Kirstan has provided support, mentoring and resource management throughout the Centre’s developmental stages.

Driven by the belief, ‘Where we commit our dollars is where our social consciousness aligns’, Kirstan is passionate about projects that create positive change, sustainable outcomes, and individual and collective wellbeing. She is a sounding board, voice of reason, trusted confidant and friend for all the staff at the Centre for Social Change.

Kirstan is also a doula and birth educator. Her BirthWise Childbirth Doula Service assists parents throughout their birthing journey. Just as she is inspired and informed by the wisdom of childbirth, so does Kirstan seek to support and celebrate the birth of new enterprises dedicated to the highest good of humanity.

Centre Residents

Tiarney, Kate and Farina


TGI TeamThe GOODNESS Inc is a global collective of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to improve the way we live on this planet.

Utilising indigenous, intercultural and intergenerational wisdom, we seek to live a lifestyle that is free from greed, inequality and mass consumption by focusing on change from within.

The GOODNESS Inc Team brings together an eclectic mix of culture, skills and life experiences to transform GOOD ideas into positive actions that give back to our communities, societies and the planet. From setting up an urban agriculture system to promoting more sustainable and connected ways of living, we inspire and support people to start their own positive change journeys.

Are you ready for GOODNESS? We are! The GOODNESS Inc team is at the Centre for Social Change every Friday so drop by for a cup of chai and a chat! www.thegoodnessinc.org

Training & Events

The Centre hosts a range of Training and Events, for more information please click through here.