About Us

Global warming, economic crises, persistent poverty, increasing conflict over resource scarcity… For many working on environmental and social issues, there does not seem to be a lot to be hopeful about.

We at the Centre for Social Change take a different view. We see the current challenges we face as an opportunity to uncover new ways to live – ways that enable us to support ourselves while respecting both people and the planet.

Another world is possible.

The exciting news is that not only can we change the way we live to make this world possible, many people already are. People everywhere are experimenting with new ways of being in the world, showing us how we can live in greater harmony with each other and the environment on which we depend. Yet more needs to be done if these attempts are to have the necessary impact for widespread positive change.

We require new economic and political models to experiment with, better skills to engage communities around change; more opportunities to reflect, strategise and solve problems creatively; and a more sophisticated understanding of power and how to use it effectively.

The Centre for Social Change is working to address these challenges by providing access to the knowledge, skills and resources people need to work with communities to create positive change. We do this by experimenting with, learning from and sharing insights about the many social, economic and environmental alternatives that generate wellbeing around the world. In so doing we aspire to learn, grow and become more conscious of ourselves.

Three questions guide our work:

  • How can we creatively and effectively engage communities to co-create a better future for generations to come?
  • How can we enhance the capacity of those catalysing positive change to broaden and deepen their impact?
  • How can we engage with the economy differently to support people’s livelihoods while protecting and even enhancing social and environmental wellbeing?

These questions lie at the heart of our programs – from training, consulting and applied research activities, to the events and organisations we host at the Centre in Brisbane. More information on these programs can be found here.

Training & Events

The Centre hosts a range of Training and Events, for more information please click through here.