Building a New Economy – Economics for a Just and Sustainable Future

*** Unfortunately this event has had to be cancelled due to personal circumstances. We hope to reconvene a similar one soon. ***


We need a serious rethink of our economic systems at both global and local levels. As we face the immense challenges associated with ongoing global economic crises, climate change impacts, the decline of fossil fuels, increasing biodiversity loss and ever increasing levels of inequality, the need for deep economic change has never been greater.

New Economy workshop

But what would this economic change look like? How would an economic system centred on concepts of social justice and ecological sustainability work? How can we produce, consume and exchange in ways that are fair and sustainable? What would it mean to have greater economic resilience at a local level?  And what experiments are happening locally and globally that are seeding the paradigm shift so many are seeking?

In this master class, participants will explore these questions through the lens of their own interests and work. Participants will be introduced to a range of principles, practices, frameworks and case studies, and asked to reflect on how these could be applied in their own contexts to fuel the economic transformation they want to see in the world.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone interested in building a more socially just and ecologically sustainable economy, including:

–       Students & practitioners of economic and community development

–       Social entrepreneurs and innovators

–       Social justice and environmental activists and campaigners

–       Philanthropists and investors looking to create positive social impact

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About the Facilitators:

Jonathan Dawson:

Jonathan is the Head of the Economics Stream at the Schumacher College in the UK. Well known for his work as a sustainability educator, Jonathan is a former President of the Global Ecovillage Network, principal author of the Gaia Education economics curriculum, and a long-term resident of the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland. He also has 20 years experience as a researcher, author, consultant and project manager in the field of small enterprise development in Africa and South Asia.

Amanda Cahill: 

Amanda is the Director of the Centre for Social Change in Brisbane. She founded the Centre to encourage people to reimagine the economy and experiment with alternative economic approaches in order to foster more resilient communities across Asia and the Pacific. A cornerstone of this work is the Community Enterprise Approach, which she developed during her PhD at the Australian National University. Communities use this approach to build on economic diversity to strengthen and generate new livelihood opportunities. In addition to her work at the Centre, she lectures at the University of Queensland, is an active member of Beyond Zero Emissions and sits on the board of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council.

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